Book Review - Ballistic Kiss by Richard Kadney
This will be a review of Richard Kadrey’s newest Sandman Slim novel, Ballistic Kiss. I promise. But first, a personal story: A very good friend of mine recently confessed his addiction to reruns of the late 90s television hit, Felicity. The series was named by Time magazine as one of TV’s 100 all-time best shows. It tells the title character’s coming of age story as she flees her wealthy parents’ Palo Alto home to follow
Three Reasons You’re Not the Impostor You Think You Are
When I began my MFA program to become a better story teller and writer, the very first lesson was on Impostor Syndrome. I remember thinking, “What an odd way to start a Master’s program.” But, deep down inside, I did feel a little bit like an impostor. After I got the first critique of one of my stories (let’s call it a bloodletting), I felt it even more so. Then we had to write a