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Book - A God in Middle Management Urban Fantasy
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Take a 10 minute departure from life with short fiction from Donn L. Hess.


Their father might have rolled over in his grave.

Funerals can bring out the worst in people, as Henry and his brother Jules discover. Their estranged sister has to remind them what it means to be strong.

The old man had the voice of an angel but the soul of someone else.

Nick didn’t like it when Anna talked to strangers. He liked it less when she became one.

Book - A God in Middle Management Urban Fantasy
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“A brilliant marriage of ascerbic wit reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen and mythology…


Could not put the kindle down. Further, it perfectly encapsulates what generously would be called the intrigue of corporate America…who’s your ally… who’s your foe…we’ve won…we’ve lost. Definitely recommend this and await the next installment!”


– Amazon Reader Reviews

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